Our Values

on the future of learning and working

Intellectual health is as important as physical, mental and social-emotional health.

Pretty much every watch comes with a heart rate sensor. Almost zero classes come with learning performance indicators. We're betting that empowering people to accurately measure learning can change how we learn, just like how sensors transformed watches. Also, the current intellectual health metric, grades, doesn't have much correlation with current and future happiness, motivation, life satisfaction, and innovation. We believe being intellectually healthy doesn't just mean having good grades.

AI is changing human identity.

Over the past few centuries, education became increasingly systematized as societies realized the productive benefits of passing on knowledge. The industrial revolution changed productivity from farms to factories. Education changed from wealth-discriminating hobby to mass-serving industry preparation. The computer revolution changed productivity from factories to screens. Education changed from humanities to STEM. Now, the AI-revolution is changing productivity from following to creating. We're making sure education still has meaning and value as AI advances -- by using AI.

Learning is transforming.

American (especially public) education is transforming, especially when compared to other countries. Every month, there are more articles on how top students are stagnating and struggling students have falling scores. Most schools are struggling to adapt to society-level shifts like increasing college competitiveness and student use of ChatGPT as well as community-level shifts like parents' political and educational opinions. Still, many out-of-school products like Khan Academy are dependent on the curriculum structure of traditional schools. We believe the future of education and learning will dramatically change across in and outside of schools and people are realizing this too.

Learning is freedom.

If knowledge is power then learning is freedom. It makes you more empathetic, enables you to drive and shape your destiny as well as for your children. At the moment, it's impossible to take charge over one's intellectual health because the norm is fragmented markets and technologies. For the most part, one's school determines your children's learning. Instead, we want to empower people with expanded learning tools and technologies. Our goal is to help them learn how to learn -- to accelerate freedom.